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On behalf of Runner’s World, Ramiro Ameneiro is responsible for organising the pacing teams. He has delegated several tasks to Gerry Visser and Daniel Huijser.

Gerry Visser

Gerry has been pacer since 2002. She ran her first marathon in 1999 in Enschede. This is also where she ran her personal best in 2014: 3:22:34. Since then she has run more than 270 marathons in the Netherlands and in other countries, inclusive of several ultra marathons and dozens as a pacer. Within the Dutch Pacing Team she takes care of the communication tasks.

“It is awesome every time again to be a guide for other runners and to help them to achieve their goal times during the marathon. This gives me almost more satisfaction then putting down a fast time for a marathon myself.

Daniël Huijser

Daniel has been pacer since 2008 and ran his first marathon in 2002 in George Town, Cayman Islands. His fastest marathon was in 2010 in Amsterdam: 3:19:18

In the mean time he has run 70 marathons all over the world. Within the Dutch Pacing Team he is responsible for placing the pacers at the right pace target times making sure for a good balance within the team. He also provides the script manual for marathon day.

It is an honour for me to be a guide and to stimulate other runners. The best part is at the finish to be thanked by the runners who mastered this magical distance. Then I go home with a great feeling’