General terms and conditions

Organising a pacing team requires a lot of work, and the role of a pacer carries a great responsibility. To guarantee a smooth cooperation and to make sure we all know what is expected of everyone we have made some clear rules.

Pre race day

  • You are sufficiently fit and experienced in the distance and pace you sign up for.
  • Applying via the form on this website does not give you automatically a place in the team. We will update the teams on a regular basis.
  • You must inform the Dutch Pacing Team if your circumstances change such as having injuries or other information that would be of significance for your role as a pacer.
  • If you need to cancel or drop out: please inform us not later then two weeks before the event.
  • If you are selected as a pacer, all communication with the marathon itself, Runner’s World, sponsors etc. will be via the Dutch Pacing Team, email address:
  • Once accepted as a pacer, you will receive all relevant information for race day through a special groups app for that specific event.
  • There are no fees paid to the pacers. Of course you will be provided with a start bib, T-shirt and other necessities, such as a pace flag etc.

Race day

  • You must be on time at the established assembly point. The time and location will be communicated approximately 1 week before the event.
  • You must be wearing the allocated pacer outfit, and no other sponsor clothes etc.
  • When running as a pacer on behalf of the Dutch Pacing Team, effectively you are an ambassador for the marathon and their sponsors and therefore your behaviour must reflect this.
  • We expect you to exhibit an open, positive and supportive manner to the runners in your group, to your pace buddy(’s) and to the organisers.

Post race

  • All equipment, such as pace flag etc. will be left in good conditions at the pre discussed place.
  • If accepted as a pacer for Dutch Pacing Team, you agree that all photo’s, video’s etc. made of you during marathon day could be used on our social media or for promotional purposes.
  • Please let us know if you feel that there is something we could improve.

Privacy policy

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